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the only place has not been polluted in China. It is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in natural plant extracts research and development, production and sales promotion. The products include Standardized natural plant extracts, Fruit and vegetable extracts and single-category herbs extract. The company adopts wild natural raw materials and advanced extraction technology to produce high-quality sports nutrition products. At the same time, we are the only Chinese Manufacturer and the largest production of sports nutrition manufacturer of raw materials. The main products of company:1.plant extracts, mainly including bone-extract, Blueberry anthocyanins, blueberry fruit powder, black currant anthocyanins, gallons of fruit powder, fruit extracts Rosa and so on more than 100 species of plant extracts.2. Quick-frozen fruit includes bilberry quick-frozen fruit, blueberry quick-frozen fruit, and gallons of quick-frozen fruit.3. fruit juice concentrate, including blackcurrant juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate, lingonberry juice concentrate.90%of the products export to Europe, the United States, India and Australia. 

You have arrived at! Here you can shop for all of the Plant Extract you can't find anywhere else including Organic Plant Extract or perhaps Plant extract Capsules.
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